About Me

I enjoy programming and making cool things that may or may not be useful. My other interests include trains, cycling, and calculators.


I have completed numerous projects in areas ranging from music to programming. Currently I am working on a research project, involving the adaptation of autonomous vehicle technology for electric bicycles. Previous projects include: an interactive learning tool for elementary school students, numerous calculator games, and setting up and maintaining the server that this website is hosted on.


I am a member of Barrett, The Honors College at the Arizona State University Polytechnic campus. I am currently pursuing concurrent degrees in Robotics Engineering and Software Engineering.

curiosity is the foundation of ingenuity

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An implementation of Flow Free for the TI-84 monochrome series of calculators.
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Edward Scissor Lift
A FIRST FTC robot with high scoring autonomous mode and numerous automated features.
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ISEC RoboClimb
Autonomous ribbon-climbing cargo delivery system.

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